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 Louise Barrett

Louise Barrett is a figurative and landscape artist working mostly in oil and acrylics.  

Her work is probably best described as expressionist with form and colour in motion portraying various subject matter; scenes of harbours, inspiration from dreams to recurring themes of the horse, including Zechariah's horses and The Horsemen of the book of Revalation.  Some of her latest works are a series inspired by the dreamworld and are charged with symbolism of a religious nature.  

Her strong connection with animals and the outdoors is apparent in much of her paintings and the horse features regularly in her work.

She has exhibited widely internationally and in Ireland including the Royal Hibernian Academy exhibition and also the Royal Ulster Academy in 2018.

A member of the Limerick Figure Drawing Society, life drawing is an important part of her work and has a marked influence in recent figurative works and commissioned portraits.

                                Artist Statement

“Beeing able to create is a blessing and I see my role as an artist as one that embodies all life and not confined to any one interpretation of experiences as such and try to capture the 'essence' of my subjects.”